Which Marketing Platform Attracts More Traffic, a Website or a Blog??

Let me give you the definition of both from Wikipedia: “A Website is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are addressed relative to a common Uniform Resource Locator (URL), often consisting of only the domain name, or the IP address, and the root path ('/') in an Internet protocol- based network. A web site is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private Local Area Network”

“A Blog is a collection of periodic articles known as posts. A blog (a contraction of the term "web log") is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.”
In summary, consumers learn more from blogs than from a website. Blogs create a way to interact with you and the reader. Blogs give you and your reader a connection, a relationship, and eventually trust. Blog gives fresh content, value, and information. If a blog is done RIGHT, it will bring you more visibility.
Most internet marketers struggle with traffic. Marketing your blog in the right channels, RSS Feed, Feedburner.com, RSS Feed and Blog Directories to name a few will bring traffic to you and you become admired and attracted. Blogs can bring SEO benefits also, because Google likes fresh content, Blogs creates a way for you to interact with your reader. Remember, a network marketer is someone who gives value and directs others in the RIGHT direction. Don’t lose sight of what we should be doing. We should be helping other network marketers. My point is network marketers need to establish a relationship and blogging is the perfect way.

The Three Most Popular Types Of Blogs Are:

· Blogger, which is owned and controlled by Google, The upside of Blogger is that you can open up an account and start blogging within minutes. There is no cost. I think in any skill that you are trying to achieve, you need to learn it. I believe by using blogger is a good start for writing and getting ideas from other bloggers. Remember, you can put other people’s content in your blog as long as you state it is theirs. It is great tool to use to start writing posts rather than not writing at all. Not everyone likes to write. The downside is Google owns it, controls it, you can’t have a domain name and Google can shut you down, anytime, if they think you are too “salesy” or do not like your content.

· Typepad is a hosted platform (you have to pay a monthly fee) It is the most popular; but, they are constrained to their templates and their rules. The upside is they offer more plug- ins and templates than Blogger.com. The downside is a monthly fee, of about $10.00 for pro version; Basic Typepad is free but only allows a certain amount of posts, 3 to be exact. But if you go Pro-version, posting is unlimited. There are three types of typepad, basic, plain, and pro. . I found an interesting blog post for you to read comparing blogger.com to typepad.com. http://bloggingonthefreeweb.blogspot.com/2005/03/bloggertypepad-comparis...

· Wordpress.org. This is a self-hosted platform. Most professional networkers use this type of blog platform. There are no drawbacks from wordpress. org. It is yours. No one can take it away from you. The only drawbacks are the technical skills necessary for a wordpress blog. It does take time, but if you focus, you can set it up. You can save yourself money and time by hiring someone for $20.00 to download and install a template/theme for you. (But the key to marketing is “the HOW TO” ) You need to learn how to do a wordpress blog. It’s crucial. I can guarantee you that when you have it set up and you learn a different skill and another, you will eventually want to change your wordpress theme or add another one. So, I personally suggest that you spend the time, and learn how to make a wordpress blog platform. After it is set up, it is as easy as blogger to post and edit etc….One great thing about Wordpress is that the endless amount of plug-ins you can put in. So become blog savvy!! There is also another blog platform called Wordpress.com and it is free. Here is an article I read that might help you to understand why Wordpress.org. is so impressive because it will show just how much of an expert you will become, once you know how to do Wordpress blogging http://www.walton.com/how-much-does-wordpress-cost?ap_id=test1 . Take a look at the costs and you decide.

You can learn and gain more value for your prospects or you hire someone and they will do the work for you. Personally, save money and do it yourself.
A network marketer is someone who gives value and directs others in the RIGHT direction. Don’t lose sight of what we should be doing. We should be helping other network marketers. My point is network marketers need to establish a relationship. FOCUS, FOCUS and LEARN HOW TO MAKE A WORDPRESS BLOG PLATFORM.

If you use a good host, they should have an auto install version of Wordpress. (Go Daddy) Click, click, bang. It’s set up. Play with a theme. Spend too much time looking on line for a theme. Download, install. Play with plug ins. Download, install. Write a few posts. Create a few pages. Change the layout a bit. Call it 8 hours total, from start to having your own blog on line, working, with your own theme and content. You have added the plug-ins that you wanted, the theme that you wanted, the layout, the content, and the menu. All of it is exactly what you want.
The cost is your time because you have SO MANY options. If you can be satisfied with what comes out of the box, then a Wordpress site can be set up in 20 minutes.

Compare that to a different free or self hosted platform. Set up is quick and easy. Pick a theme because there are only 20. Write a post. Change the layout? No. Can’t do that. Put the menu on the other side? No. Can’t do that. You want to post video? No. Can’t do that either. Podcast? Special functionality? Nope. None of that. If you don’t use Wordpress.org, your blog will not look quite like you want it to and it will not have the right functionality. It will be harder to use and take longer to post and promote.

Lastly, promote your Blog on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Betternetworker. And create a signature with your blog link. If you need help, just get in touch with me and I will point you in the right direction and help you.

Therese Catanzano
“The Nurse Network Marketer”


Traditional and old school marketing is losing its effectiveness. Marketing today is interactive and based on relationships (Relationship Marketing). You can connect with the world totally free using marketing platforms and Facebook is the largest Free Social Media Platform in today’s marketing industry. With Relationship Marketing, networkers want to establish trusting relationships. They want to interact and they want value and/or Information.


* It is the number one social network, there are over 400million users every day, “Facebook Review”. That’s not including how many use it on their mobile phones worldwide.
* Facebook has less spam than other social networks
* It is Filtered with Business Professionals
* It has over 10,000 applications. “Facebook Review”. Although there are so many applications, only about 20 of them are used. My point is that Facebook has some fantastic applications that make it simple to network with other professionals.
* Facebook is Free Social Media Platform

Your Profile is your foundation on Facebook (FB). You want to make sure your FB foundation is solid and done correctly. When someone comes to your FB account, the first thing they are going to see is your Profile. Make sure that you have put thought, time and energy into it. You will have a lot more success if you do.

There are three things that you must have in your Facebook profile, if you want to be effective.

1. “A Picture says a thousand words”. Your profile picture should look warm, welcoming, and professional. The picture should portray who you are. You are branding yourself. As you are aware, I have a picture of myself and my daughter. I am a nurse and through my love, dedication, compassion and skillset, I am proud to have her in my professional picture. I am The Nurse Network marketer. Your picture should portray who you are. (Important Note: the picture you use should be the same picture you use on every marketing platform, website or blog: it will give you more visibility on the internet. The more people who see the same picture of you, the more exposure you give yourself. Your goal is to put in their heads “Wow, who is this person??? I see her/his picture everywhere. He or she must be a leader/expert in this industry”. You should be inside the heads of your fellow network marketers and potential prospects. I would like to add that it shouldn’t be a picture of your pet, a flower or your family. You can put those pictures in your photos tab, but be cautious of what you put there. Remember, it is your business, and you want to present yourself as an expert. You want your consumers to do business with you. Your picture should be a headshot with a smile. You do not want a picture of you in the distance or blurred. A picture with half of your face is ok. It is just stating you are different. Please, please do not leave your picture empty. That is definitely a BIG NO, NO! It’s a turnoff. Personally, I do not except friends without a picture. **If you are going to be on FB, remember people are going to see your pictures, view your videos, read your posts, comments, blogs, and articles. People are going to read things about you. Be yourself. There has to be a uniqueness, welcoming and professional picture. I have seen many pictures of professional marketers and you don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on a professional picture. All you need is yourself, a wall, a camera and a friend or family member to take a picture of you. I know a lot of marketers who have great pictures, who didn’t spend a dime on their picture and their profile picture looks professional. “Let people see who you are”

1. Make sure the Box underneath your picture is filled out and your URL link is there. Make sure your link is visible, so they can click on it easily. You don’t want them to have to look for your link in order to click on it. Most marketers don’t put their link in the box and I don’t know why. People will click on a FREE e-book, newsletter, report or kit, if it is right in front of them. Remember Value first, Business second.

1. Make sure everything in your Info Tab is COMPLETELY filled in and filled out. **It is a good idea that every platform that you use, your profile is COMPLETELY filled out, before you start marketing.

Update your status every day. Put in a sentence of what you are doing. People are looking at you as a business expert, so write like one. Do not tell them about the weather or what you bought at the mall or what you’re having for dinner. Your content must be of value or something from your industry/niche. Add content regarding personal development (Personal development is a must). When your mastermind group gives value, share it.

Don’t spend a lot of time on applications such as Email, Notifications, Friend requests. People spend way too much time on these applications. Personally, I answer my emails or delete emails that are irrelevant. I approve all friend requests. If I get spammers, I delete them. I delete all other applications because I don’t have the time for “mafia wars” or “Farmville”. Remember your purpose on Facebook, is Relationship marketing; “Marketing your Business.”Give Value and remember time management.

If your new friends send you an email, then send them back a friendly message and write it on their wall. IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO WRITE ON THEIR WALL AND MAKE IT PERSONAL. i.e.” “Thanks for the add, since we are in the same industry, tell me something about yourself or your business. Let’s make sure we stay in touch.” Then offer them a free e-book or newsletter. “Seeing we are in same industry, I hope I can help you with your business by sharing value.” These are just a few different things you can say. Click on their picture and read their profile, it will give you ideas on what to say, Most importantly, give value and be yourself. Don’t give them “information overload” in one conversation. This is how you start interacting with your target market.

Today’s marketing is Relationship Marketing so be interactive, write on their wall, comment when they comment on you and offer Free Value and establish relationships. See what kind of struggles, questions, concerns, frustrations they may having, and give them solutions, but be subtle; don't ask until they have connected with you.

Take Action, and start making friends on Facebook.

How to Add a Video/Videos to your Emails


I was reading an article by "the feel good club today" and this little piece stuck out, because it is so true.

When you feel good ( training yourself to feel good constantly ) you are much more connected with nature, the Earth, your Higher Power (or God, Spirit, Life Force) . You are more intuitive, you are connected to your own good or your own higher path or best course.You are more motivated, purposeful: you have clarity. When you are feeling good constantly, your body is releasing endorphins,( which are natural hormones that your body makes so you will feel good, endorphins, such as dopamine and seratonin). Your Immunity is strenghtened, and makies you grow not feel, but grow younger. Your body functions move towards homeostasis or perfect health. You will also grow wealthier because you feel prosperous and do the right things. Your intuition will lead you to the best course of action for you. Because you feel so good, you love life and yourself more and will attract good healthy relationships to you.

I cannot emphasize how important personal development is for our lives. I feel that once you incorporate everything and every situation with a positive attitude through training yourself to feel good constantly, you will change within. Good things will happen to you.

When change or adversity arrives and it will, your attitude will be different; and I say this in a positive way because it is like you can handle situations better. When something traumatic happens in your life, you have a different attitude, you may be sad, you may feel helpless, but you will handle it. I know for myself, that being positive, my behavior and attitude is different. I am a better person today than yesterday and its gets better and better everyday. You will see a change in your behavior also, you will align with the universe. The law of attraction will flow with you and you will attract positive people and good things will be drawn to you. Positive and good things will happen in your life and your business. I have become a better person because I look at everything in the positive.

So I choose positive thinking and ignore any negativity. I will not give negative thoughts any power whatsoever. You are aware of negative thoughts, but choose not to acknowledge them. Dominate your mind with positive thinking, You may ask how I do it. Well if you have read anything on the subconscious mind, you will learn that you can dominate all those negative thoughts, that get planted or deep rooted in your mind. You need to want to change your thoughts and behaviors. Discipline your mind.

When you discipline your mindset and change your behavior to good. Life is much easier to handle especially when change, adversity and the unexpected happens.

You will attract who you are. You will attract what your thoughts are made up of. So think and be positive and learn how to keep positive 24/7, through every circumstance in your life. Feel Good Constantly! Please get in touch with me if you need help. My contact information is on my profile.



THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (LOA) IS A VERY BASIC PRINICIPLE USED WITH ATTRACTION MARKETING. Let me give you a basic understanding of LOA and how it is intertwined with Attraction Marketing.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. Let me make it simple to understand by who and what we are. Everyone has a body, your body is made up of organs, Organs are made up of tissues. Tissues are made of of cells. Cells are made of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms are made of even smaller "components" aka "units of matter" called electrons, protons, and neutrons. These smaller components are made of energy. Summing up we are made of energy.

As I stated before everything in the universe is composed of energy. So as this energy is emitting its frequency (vibrations), there are other energies that are on the same frequency(vibrations) and they tend to draw towards one another.

You will attract to what YOU are "like," in other words. If you're motivated people, you'll attract motivated people. And if you're passive you'll attract passive. etc....

If you feel and have a struggling or "broke" mindset you'll attract and get countless spam from other marketers, because the will see you as a potential prospect. And if you feel prosperous, you will attract situations to help you to be prosperous.

Have you ever been on a call or talk with someone and you feel ackward or uncomfortable. It is because you are not on the same frequency. A marketing example, have you ever felt nervous, ackward talking to your upline or an expert, because you are an amateur. This is because you are not on the same frequency.

Attraction Marketing has the same concept. Whatever interest, content, value, character, and quality, you display is what will be is attracted to you. If you want to draw high quality friendships, prospects, customers, etc. then produce a high quality, value, and uniqueness. Produce a quality YOU.

Refine your skills so you can establish yourself as being unique to those around you and this will set you apart from the rest. Your credibility will increase.