I was reading an article by "the feel good club today" and this little piece stuck out, because it is so true.

When you feel good ( training yourself to feel good constantly ) you are much more connected with nature, the Earth, your Higher Power (or God, Spirit, Life Force) . You are more intuitive, you are connected to your own good or your own higher path or best course.You are more motivated, purposeful: you have clarity. When you are feeling good constantly, your body is releasing endorphins,( which are natural hormones that your body makes so you will feel good, endorphins, such as dopamine and seratonin). Your Immunity is strenghtened, and makies you grow not feel, but grow younger. Your body functions move towards homeostasis or perfect health. You will also grow wealthier because you feel prosperous and do the right things. Your intuition will lead you to the best course of action for you. Because you feel so good, you love life and yourself more and will attract good healthy relationships to you.

I cannot emphasize how important personal development is for our lives. I feel that once you incorporate everything and every situation with a positive attitude through training yourself to feel good constantly, you will change within. Good things will happen to you.

When change or adversity arrives and it will, your attitude will be different; and I say this in a positive way because it is like you can handle situations better. When something traumatic happens in your life, you have a different attitude, you may be sad, you may feel helpless, but you will handle it. I know for myself, that being positive, my behavior and attitude is different. I am a better person today than yesterday and its gets better and better everyday. You will see a change in your behavior also, you will align with the universe. The law of attraction will flow with you and you will attract positive people and good things will be drawn to you. Positive and good things will happen in your life and your business. I have become a better person because I look at everything in the positive.

So I choose positive thinking and ignore any negativity. I will not give negative thoughts any power whatsoever. You are aware of negative thoughts, but choose not to acknowledge them. Dominate your mind with positive thinking, You may ask how I do it. Well if you have read anything on the subconscious mind, you will learn that you can dominate all those negative thoughts, that get planted or deep rooted in your mind. You need to want to change your thoughts and behaviors. Discipline your mind.

When you discipline your mindset and change your behavior to good. Life is much easier to handle especially when change, adversity and the unexpected happens.

You will attract who you are. You will attract what your thoughts are made up of. So think and be positive and learn how to keep positive 24/7, through every circumstance in your life. Feel Good Constantly! Please get in touch with me if you need help. My contact information is on my profile.

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