How Do You Set Your Mind, Decide,and Follow Through? (It is Harder than you "THINK"!)

How Do You  Set Your Mind, Decide,and Follow Through? (It is Harder than you "THINK"!)

Setting your mind is one of the most beneficial things you can learn to do for you and your life!  To SET your mind means to make up you mind firmly and DECIDE to follow through. To set your mind is to determine decisively what you will think, what you believe, and what you will or will not do and to set it in such a way that you cannot be easily swayed or persuaded otherwise.  Once you set your mind according to the truth for a good life, you need to keep it set and not allow outside forces to reshape your thinking.  To set your subconscious mind does not mean to be narrow minded or stubbon; it means you should always be open to learning, growing and changing your mind , but you need to be consistent and persistent to resist temptation when  your thoughts are conformed.

Autosuggestion and preparation is the key.  Have you ever used the Gestalt Theory?  When you repeat something over and over and over, your mind starts to change, attitude and behavior. 

AUTOSUGGESTION AND PREPARATION  IS THE KEY. When you are prepared, If you think a negative thought or your attitude becomes negative,  you will be able to handle it in the right way.
Whatever challenges you the most, DECIDE NOW that you are going to set you subconscious mind for total "victory".  Talking to yourself, meditation, reading the Bible  and using autosuggestion are ways to set up your subconscious mind.  Here are some of things that I have DECIDED this year.
"I am not going to think bad thoughts or judge  other people and I am not going to gossip.  When someone around me begins to talk to me about someone else critically, I will not let myself get involved in it". "Sounds like a small minded person to me"
"I am going to eat healthy and exercise daily .  When I sit down for meals today.  I will stop when I begin to feel full.  I will make good food choices and I will not eat emotionally". "If I do not get to exercise my routine, I will take a walk do some physical chore that I have been been putting off"
"I am not going to be excessive in any area of life.  I am a balanced person.  I am not going to complain but be grateful. Grateful that I have a home, family, friends, and most importantly, my daughter, Melanie and GOD in my life.     I have alot to be thankful for and I will think on those things on a daily basis".
 "I am going to live to please GOD, not people.  I want to be accepted but I will not compromise my faith or my  moral integrity". Honestly, I do not care what other people think of me. I know who I am.
"I am going to eliminate unneccesasary stress from my life.  I will slow down, commit everyday to becoming a better person  but not overcommit, and try to keep life simple as possible"." I  am keeping  it in the day and will not stress about my future or my past"
"I am going to think positive thoughts and speak positive words always", as I continue to grow in  my mind by doing autosuggestion and Bible studying through reading and listening.
Set your mind and heart in the right direction.  Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed.  Renew your mind with a new attitude of consistent positive thinking.

Download Think and Grow Rich, its FREE. I can send you a copy. Put in the comment box, you would like a copy and I will send you the e-book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Start listening  to what your mind is saying  Start reading the Bible. Personally, I know it is my best personal development book I own.

Autosuggestion plays a big part in your life, it will change you.  It does for me daily, I find myself doing things, I would never do.