MLM/Network Marketing Truth Revealed!

MLM/Network Marketing, or Online Marketing truth revealed. Is Network Marketing/ MLM for you? Do you want the Truth? I want to give you the truth about all the companies out there who are making promises to you. Whenever you get an email saying we are launching a new business that will make you $$ within XX days, its more likely a scam and do not buy leads. There is no fast way of making money when creating your business on or offline. It is hard work! Network Marketing/ MLM is a tough business. Anyone who tells you different is not a successful marketer. What you give and put into your business, you will get back.

In order for you to create a business online/offline you want to learn how to build your business the RIGHT way. The initial step is to LEARN HOW TO MARKET, You need to understand Attraction Marketing. People want to join people. Establishing relationships is essential. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, and are all places to develop relationships and there are many more places. It is all up to you to take action. Are you ready to create your business? I am not going to build your business for you. But I can be on the sidelines watching you build it. People who don't know how or who are struggling in Network Marketing/MLM need a mentor or group of members to help them. A mentor is someone who points you in the right direction, sponsor, someone who will teach you, someone who can answer your questions.

All the other companies that keep promises saying you can make $$ fast, it is just not realistic; and it is not going to happen. If it were easy, everyone would be successful. RIGHT? Yet 97% of marketers fail why? THEY QUIT! If you really want to succeed, you have to work at creating your business. It is a challenge, but it gets better, the more value you get, the easier, it becomes. Once you acquire skilled knowledge, you need a program that works for and with you. You will need a mentor most importantly. A mentor is your personalized pointer, and a problem solver.

I have been in this industry long enough to know what works and what doesn't work. If you want to live your dreams, then take control, take action and own your life. You need to learn how to market by using attraction marketing, establish relationships and join a program or company that you trust. Be accountable, be responsible and take action today.

So, no matter how much I want to make it happen for you. I can't. ONLY YOU CAN! Start your journey and make your dreams a reality and live your life.


To your success,

Therese Catanzano

Do You Struggle To Find Prospects For Your Business Opportunity/MLM Company?

Do you struggle to find prospects for your Business Opportunity/MLM Company?

There is no reason why you should struggle to find prospects; especially, when there are prospects already out there who are searching for YOU and your services. You need to learn “how to market” by using Attraction Marketing. Attraction Marketing draws your niche or target market to you. Again, they are interested in YOU and your service or product. Once you understand who your targeted market is than the next step is getting potential prospects to your website. You need to Build (first) a relationship then establish a relationship with them. Pick up the phone and call them. Give them value or information that they are hungry for. Once you establish a relationship keep moving forward and then eventually, they will trust you and most marketers would say then tell them about your opportunity. I prefer to give and keep giving and I believe by giving you will receive. You may not make a sale, but you will have helped someone understand and to me that is good enough. Sure, it is nice if they join my business opportunity, but I find that the more I give without wanting anything in return, it builds character in me thus, making me feel good within.

The more that you are able to get prospects who are interested in you and your services/products to your web site; (or opt in), the more you are going to find that you're able to generate leads. We call that List Building. The benefits of internet marketing begins when YOU stand out from all the competition. It only happens when you provide the information (value) that your targeted market is searching for (and you should make it easy for them to find and understand). This is when you will gain trust, and they will want you to help them build their business. I see today that most marketers want you to join their program; but in all honesty, you can find almost any type of information/value on any Search Engine i.e. Google, social platforms and/or YouTube.

The concept of Internet Marketing is the ability to build valued content or relevant content to your target market. The content needs to be meaty, interesting, and juicy”

There are two basic types to Generating Leads (List Building):

* Paid Marketing which is Pay Per Click, Solo Ads and List Builder Services
* Content Marketing (This involves personal time and you have to do the work).

You should use both as you progress and advance in marketing. But when you are learning how to market, stick to content marketing. Most of the strategies are FREE.

Paid Marketing is advanced but if you have money that you can advertise with monthly, you will generate leads faster and build your list quicker.

Pay Per Click Ads: People or potential prospects click on your ad and hopefully they will opt-in to your website, that is what you are looking for and trying to achieve; so make sure your advertisement is worth clicking on.

Solo Ads- Those are those bright lighted, blinking, goddy advertisements. The marketer pays a fixed amount of money to advertise; the reason they make it so “goddy” looking is because they want you to click on it.

Viral URL or
: You pay a fee and basically it is email marketing and you build your list If you want more information about any of these types of marketing, just send me an email or Google it.

CONTENT MARKETING There are many ways to get and give value. (FREE)

* Social Networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Search Engines, or YouTube are good ways to find the "how to’s" and find your target market
* Article Marketing and Blogging
* Video Marketing
* Free Classifieds
* Forum Marketing* Excellent source for getting and giving value.
* SEO/Keywords

This is most important when it comes to online marketing. You need to understand ONE CONCEPT-Knowing what you can do to get people/potential prospect to your website or opt-in

There's no reason why you should struggle to find prospects for your list building; especially when there are so many prospects out there who are searching for YOU and your services that you have to offer.

In conclusion, when you start your list building and learning how to market, always have a “call to action” = “thank the prospect for visiting your website /platform or watching your video”.

Therese Catanzano