What My Daughter Taught Me About Facebooks’ “Chat” online Application and Relationships.

What My Daughter Taught Me About Facebooks’ “Chat” online Application and Relationships.

Every morning before I even have my coffee, I put on my daughter’s computer. I then get my daughter ready for school and every morning while getting her dressed she asks me, “is the computer on?” and I say half-asleep, “yes it’s on”. Now as we head toward the back room where her computer is, she goes and puts on the TV for me, my station” and heads over to her computer. As I am putting on her sneakers and getting her ready for school, I look over at her and I see her on Facebook, then as each day passes I have been seeing her on Facebook again and again. So, as I pretend to be looking down and putting on her sneakers for school, I look at what she is doing on facebook and she is on Chat Online and there are 4 boxes open with names on them. I look at her friends, and I say you have 58 friends who are they. (I don’t have that many personal friends). She tells me and they are kids from school, her cousins etc…. I say to my daughter, “Melanie” why do you like facebook so much?” “You have more friends than mommy does” “What so much to like about it?” She says I don’t know, “I just like it.”

So, as I go into the kitchen, I am looking at her and her back is toward me so she can’t see that I am checking out what she is doing. She is talking with 3-4 people at the same time on Facebook Chat. She is saying hello and asking how they are and just being herself, making small talk, how are you, what did you have for dinner, what are they doing today or she getting ready to go to school , just small talk. I said Melanie, do you write on your Facebook friends’ walls, she says sometimes, “I like to talk to them” (on chat). "Oooh Ok", I asked her, who showed and told you about chat, and she said you did.” “I did? When did I show you that?”, “awhile ago”. I just pretended to go about my business getting her ready for school.
Whenever she gets on computer, she goes to her e-mail and then facebook. I can’t get her off facebook, that’s all she does. Then I had an epiphany, looking at my daughter from the kitchen, she is sharing every day, maybe just a hello or I love you, because that is her personality. She is just being herself talking to them and she is getting a response back. I thought to myself that she is interacting and developing relationships. It sure sounds like Relationship Marketing. My point is, all the while, I knew the chat button was there but had it shut off on my computer. I turned it on and people started chatting with me. I am surprised to see how many people use it. Because of the volume of friends I have on facebook, I look up their profile and then interact with them, just like my daughter does. She is teaching me Relationship marketing

. Facebook chat logo

Facebook Chat—a new way for you to communicate with your friends on line in real-time. (Relationship Marketing) Facebook's answer to instant messaging. IM, or chatting on Facebook. Facebook chat is already installed on your facebook account, so you don’t need to download or add any plug-ins.
After you open an account with Facebook, log into Facebook account and you’re automatically be logged into Facebook Chat so you can chat on Facebook anytime and talk with your friends, colleagues, and/or potential prospects.
At the bottom of every Facebook page you'll see your Facebook Chat tools. There are three Facebook Chat tools.
· The first of the Facebook Chat tools is the online friends tool. This simply tells you which of your Facebook friends are online right now.
· The next Facebook Chat tool is notifications which will let you know if you have any new Facebook notifications right from the tool.
· The third tool in Facebook Chat is the actual chat tool options.

It is also important to look at other platforms, like AIM, MySpace, Yahoo and Gmail. They also contain chat tools, so keep them on. I feel this will help you connect better with your friends and target market. Also, if someone may have a question, they may be able to get hold of you and get there questions answered through this type of tool and platforms.

Starting today, the more than two billion chat messages sent on the site every day can be sent from your favorite desktop instant messaging client."
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is the first major IM platform to work with Facebook Chat. The service also works with multiplatform IM clients Adium, Pidgin and iChat.

When AIM users log in to their buddy lists, they will now see a Facebook Connect button. After clicking that button, they can link both accounts and chat with Facebook friends from AIM's interface without visiting Facebook.com. The social network didn't say if any other major instant-messaging companies had signed on to integrate Facebook Chat. “LA Times”

Remember in the Network/MLM/Internet marketing world, people want to connect with people. People want to build trusting relationships, people want to interact and also some people have a hard time asking questions. Knowing you are available on many platforms by chat or IM, may help the people interact more and help people who struggle to ask their questions, because only you will know they are asking and you can give them an answer or at least point them in the right direction and help them solve their problem/problems.
By using Facebook Chat and other platforms for instant messaging or talking “real time”, I know it will help the consumer or marketer feel better at knowing they can ask you a question, or just connect and talk to you because they want to interact and your there and available.

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives” Anthony Robbins

“Communication is the real work of leadership” Nitrin Nohria

If you want to learn more about Facebook and its many advantages, please contact me.

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