What is the Largest Benefit that Network Marketing can make of you?

What is the Largest Benefit that Network Marketing can make of you?

It is the “The Person You Become”. As we all are aware, this industry has all the same tools, systems and marketing materials. The only unknown factor in this equation is you and your uniqueness. It’s that special something about you that sets you apart from the rest. When you figure out who you are and what you want to contribute to this industry, will determine your uniqueness. It could be your WHY just as an example. In this business, you need to be unique. What makes a person attractive to others? How does it that some people join a business opportunity and within months, they become successful. Whereas, people who wake up every day with hopes of a brighter future and find no matter how hard they try or whatever they do, they just can’t get ahead and they continue to struggle. They work harder and longer but nothing changes. Just to let you know, there is no such thing as good luck. You make your own luck.

Contrary to popular belief, inside you lies a powerful tool that can turn every dream into reality. This inner consciousness is a DIRECT connection to your personal and spiritual success. It is called your spiritual core/self. When doing self talk and autosuggestion i.e.. “I” am an empowered woman; “I” am living in abundance. It is the “I” that is your spiritual core/self which allows you to create your life as YOU see it. You have to understand faith. Faith is practicing Action, based on Belief, sustained by Confidence (the ABC’s of Faith). Read it again, until it sinks in.

The most effective way to tap into your inner consciousness is through meditation. I was given a challenge before I started meditating and the challenge was to think of something you know without thinking and say it to yourself, for example the “National Anthem” or “The Lord Prayer” without distraction. I felt that it was a pretty easy challenge, but what did happen, I started getting distracted, started thinking of other things and I stopped saying it. I realized a simple assignment like this, and I was unable to stay focused. Now, this made me think and what it made sense was that I still had many distractions in my life. Now knowing, I still had distractions, worries, stressors, and even everyday tasks which could and did cloud my mind, I needed to learn how to change my thinking and manage my distractions and/or stressors. For me, I do my autosuggestion, self-talk, and use personal growth tools vigilantly and without realizing it, I was still getting distracted, worried and stressed. In order to clear my mind, I needed something more. So I did some research and it came to me, I needed meditation.

I know that we all have stressors, worries, and everyday situations (like filling your gas tank when it is low, being in traffic, or forgetting to put your daughter’s permission slip in her backpack to go on a field trip) that can manifest to the point of becoming harmful to the mind and body. Stress is nothing more than our reaction to change. Any change in our lives, will cause some level of stress, whether it be good or bad; Life is all about change and change is what causes stress. People respond differently to stress. The way to avoid stress is by changing the way you respond to stress when it occurs. Meditation is the opposite of stress. When you change your attitude, you will change your altitude; changing your altitude means learning to manage your stress. Think about it!

As long as you maintain a clear mind and a positive attitude, you can attract and create anything you want.”Like Attracts like”. And, while you may not know what changes are coming, be comfortable with the idea of change itself. Remove the stress of worry and dread and replaced it with calmness. Meditation is the key to calmness; get in control of your mind and body. You can do anything when you learn the craft of meditation. We live in a fast-paced and multi-tasking world. There isn’t time to stop and smell the flowers anymore! Give your mind and body a gift, meditation. The greatest benefit that network marketing provides is not the money or people you meet or even financial freedom, the greatest benefit this industry can make of you is the person you become.

You have an ability to literally create your own reality; and this fantastic ability doesn’t require any college degrees or super-human strength. In fact, the only thing you need to turn your desires into reality is a clear mind with a lot of intent.

Be unique, genuine, and most importantly be you and “become more”.

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