10 Tips for Creating a Fantastic Facebook Fanpage | Shoestring Marketing

10 Tips for Creating a Fantastic Facebook Fanpage | Shoestring Marketing1. Create A Memorable Name And URL For Your Fan Page.

It’s important that your fan page is immediately recognizable to your prospective customers and clients. Depending on how your prospects recognize you (either through your personal name or company name), you will want to name your page as an extension of your brand. Once you have named your page, and have at least 25 fans, you will want to secure your username at http://facebook.com/username. This allows you to promote y our fan page using a vanity URL which is much shorter and simpler for your fans to find.

2.Use A Compelling Image

One of the most important components of your Facebook fan page is the image that you upload. It’s important to understand that the ideal image is 200 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. Therefore, you’ll want to edit your image to these dimensions before you upload it to Facebook.

Of course, you also want to make sure that your image is clear, compelling and is an excellent representation of you and your small business.

3.Control Where Your Fans First Land

Most small business owners don’t realize that you can control where your fans first land when they visit your Facebook fan page. Believe it not, you probably don’t want them to land on your Wall. The main reason is that you don’t have total control over what is posted to your Facebook Wall since much of its content is created by your fans.

Facebook allows you to create a customized page for your Fans to land on. You can even include pictures, text-links, videos and many other pertinent applications. To create a customized landing page, search through the Facebook applications and find the FBML application. Paste in the FBML code and then edit your fan page settings to select the specific tab that you wish newcomers to land on.

4.Integrate Facebook Applications

At the time of this writing there are over here are over 55,000 applications on the Facebook platform that can be directly integrated into your fan page. This means that as newcomers land on your Facebook page they will have various ways to interact with you and your brand.

It’s important that you create a memorable experience for your Fans so that they continue to visit your fan page again and again.

5.Import Your Blog

One of my favorite Facebook applications is the Notes application. This allows you to import your blog feed so that every time that you post to your blog, your fan page is automatically updated. Of course, fans are then able to read, comment and interact with your blog post directly on your fan page.

6. Interact With Your Fans

As you build your fan base, you will begin to receive comments on your new status, photos or videos and new discussion threads. It’s vital that you interact with your fans. We are in the midst of a marketing revolution that revolves around building and sustaining relationships. Therefore, it’s vital that you participate in the discussion, answer questions and take the time to engage with your fans on a daily basis.

7. Publish Relevant Content

Your Facebook fan page is no different than other social media platforms. It’s incredibly important to provide interesting and engaging content to your readers. Take the time to update your status with interesting facts about your industry, integrate your blog posts and publish informative videos and articles that will position you as an expert within your industry.

8. Update Your Status Regularly

Although quality content and engagement with your fans is crucial, the most important aspect when marketing through your Facebook fan page is persistence. It’s imperative that you keep your fans engaged on a regular basis. Not only does this bring in a consistent flow of new fans, it keeps your brand continuously in front of your current fans as well.

9. Promote Your Small Business Through Your Bio

If your Facebook fan page is interesting and interactional, many fans will want to find out additional information about you and your small business. Make sure that your bio is fresh, engaging and lets your fans know exactly what you do and why you are a leader in your industry. In addition, it should include a hyperlink that fans can click on to visit your website for additional information.

10. Promote Your Events

Events (live or virtual) are an amazing way to promote your brand to fans. You simply create an event in your Facebook account and allow your fans to register and attend your event. Obviously, this can create incredibly engaging and interactional experiences for your Facebook fans while promoting your small business in the meantime.

A Facebook fan page is fast becoming a necessity in today’s marketplace. So, make sure to create a powerful Facebook fan page that positions your brand as a leader in your industry.

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