What Are The 5 Main Reasons Blogs Fail?

What Are The 5 Main Reasons Blogs Fail?

1. “Too Much Sell”: There is too much of a salesperson pitch. “Buy my Products”. No one is interested in a sales pitch, they are interested in value.

2. “Too Much ME”: (TMM) There is too much information about blogger—their blog is used as a daily diary. Although your stories are important, there has to be a reason. Give Value.

3. “Don’t Post Enough”: You don’t have to post a blog every day. The rule of thumb is at least twice a week or you could even get by with once a week. People who visit your blog and see that you have not posted at least weekly, are not impressed.

4. “Networkers Give Up Too Quickly”: Blogs are not an overnight success but “don’t give up” May take 3-6 months before you see results. You need to be consistent, commit and give diverse value and fresh content.

5. “Boring Content”: Readers like refreshing content and content that pertains to them and their business.

A Blog should be anywhere from 250-500 words. Readers have short attention spans. Promote your Blogs on Social Media Sites, Feed and Blog Directories and create a signature with your blog link.

Therese Catanzano
“The Nurse Network Marketer”

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