"Think of it this way... The resistance you work through when you do a work-out routine, SIGNIFICANTLY decreases the resistance you have to work through throughout the rest of your day. Your mood improves so your emotional intelligence and ability to overcome challenges is higher... you have more energy... you feel better about yourself, which translates into stepping INTO (rather than away from) your to-do list with confidence. From relationships to money to general well being, if you haven't overcome the emotional blocks standing between you and an exercise routine, that IS your next step to your greatest strides in all other goals, with far more ease. It works."
Except from Mike Klingler".

 When Discipline develops, things are more meaningful and your time becomes more manageable.    Focus on what you are doing and time becomes more manageable and you learn the task better and quicker;whereas when you start thinking about something else or get distracted, you'll notice how much longer it takes to do the task at hand  and/or you make mistakes.

Therese Catanzano
Helping one person at a time!

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