Is The Law of Attraction a Matter of Talent or A Matter of Luck

I think that when things work out, many times we think of that famous line, "The Universe cooperates in my favor!" Is this what Law of Attraction is?? Everything just seems to fall into place; coincidences seem to make the path easier, luck seems to be on my side. I have had that feeling! Have you?

But if you really think about it, the so-co consipiracy of the universe is nothing mystical; and nothing benefits us in some random manner without us having done anything for it to happen. We did do something. We have desires, dreams, ideas, plans, persistence work, kept our convictions concerning our purposes, and despite all the obstacles, we never let our enthusiam weaken. And then all the efforts, emotive persistence, consistent work started to pay off. The right people appeared, not out of luck, but because we attracted them with our energy..

Opportunities come not by chance, but because we, network marketers, personal developers, mentors and coaches, have laid the groundwork for other marketers to follow. People think and sometime believe that to have talent, it has to be a matter of luck; however, very few think that luck itself may very well be a matter of talent. What is talent then? It is a matter of knowing how to listen to your intuition, believing in yourself and who you are, and who you are becoming, knowing how to prepare, knowing how to create trust, create relationships, and to know how to create a good impression, and knowing how to execute our expectations.

I personally think that this is why certain people attract to certain professionals. The law of attraction happens when you are commited, consistent, persistent, truthful, hopeful, faithful and caring and truly giving from your heart with no strings attached to people who need help.

I have found in my life, faith is my secret weapon.

Excepts from Ricardo R. Bellino and Therese Catanzano

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