Law of Averages

This article was written by a colleague of mine, Paul Murphy

Think of it, over 150,000 new people coming into the industry each day! 98% of them will fail...Law of averages

That means about 147,000 PEOPLE, who haven't reached their dreams. What can responsible sponsors do to reverse this trend? Remember, if someone has a bad experience with network marketing, they will in turn, network to 25 others about their bad experience!

No wonder there is so much scepticism about this industry, who in there right mind would participate in something that offers that kind of success ratio? Who do they know who's really made it big in Network Marketing? Better to stay home and watch "Family Guy".

Become a leader by association. Mastermind with the best minds the industry has to offer. Learn, use, and teach a proven system, then lead by example. Learn to use the tools and the new technologies.

Build the relationships and the team and become a 2% er! Learn and teach the skills that today's Network Marketers need to know to succeed!

Find a niche that your associate is happy doing, and duplicate the things that work! Find a REAL COMPANY that won't abandon you, or feed you to the lions!

Thorough investigation and critical thinking will be the foundation your business will thrive on. Build it to last a lifetime, and it will, and then some!

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