How To Attract Leads By Being A Great Leader

How To Attract Leads By Being A Great Leader!

First, you have to position yourself as a leader. So how do you position yourself as a leader? A leader is someone who has value, tools, and knowledge to give to solve the potential prospects’ problems. A leader has a plan or system in place. They know exactly what they are doing. A leader is somebody who possesses qualities that you admire and are attracted to.

How many times have you opted in to an opportunity and you didn’t get a phone call back, but you did get countless follow-up emails about the same over-used, facts and features about the opportunity or product. People want to join people and they want answers and solutions to their problems. It is so important, better yet, it is IMPERATIVE you CALL your prospects. I remember listening in on a training call and someone said, that when someone opts-in, it is our duty to call them. I never forgot that. When should you call your new prospect? My answer is as soon as you get the prospect, if you don’t he/she may look for another opportunity. Once you have called them, don’t sell your opportunity or product. LISTEN to them. Really LISTEN to them. Be yourself, genuine and talk to them. Remember it is very important to establish a trusting relationship. Ask them questions after you introduce yourself. How they found you? What challenges do they have in MLM/Network Marketing ? During your conversation, you should be able to determine their personality color, which will help you ask the right questions. There are 4 types of prospects you should keep in mind when you are determining their personality type.

· People who are looking for solutions like time freedom and getting out of debt, and/or getting in control of their lives.

· The Existing Network Marketer who wants better quality leads and/or who is struggling with sponsoring people. (This is primarily because people don’t perceive them as a leader )These are good leads because they already know marketing

· The Former Network Marketer who is looking for strong leadership and the right opportunity. These are good leads because they already know marketing

· The Aspiring Network Marketer is someone who wants a residual income or opportunity from the Internet. They are looking for leadership, a plan or system and the right opportunity.

Let’s talk about the economy for a moment. More than ever in recent history, people are hurting. They’re losing their homes, being laid off and living on credit cards just to get by, thus putting them into further debt. And the worst part, no one is very hopeful that things will ever turn around and get any better. It is time for a change. People are turning to the internet because they need a plan B or opportunity that can give them a sense of hope and provide them with a means for a more secure future. We as leaders have to help them.

In closing, a leader has to become a student of his/her craft, “network marketing”. Whatever time you have, absorb information; if you want to be a great internet leader, study the great internet marketers, and/or role models and what they do. Focus on who you are becoming and sharpen your craft by reading, listening, and applying the teachings of the people you want to become like.

The great Jim Rohn said that” if you want to increase your value to society, you must increase your education and bring more to the marketplace”. Which takes me back to why I said we leaders have to become students to our craft, we have to read as much as we possibly can, and absorb ourselves in audios, cds, videos, articles live calls, and ongoing value.

Remember a leader is someone who is there to help anyone and everyone who asks for help. A TRUE LEADER HELPS PEOPLE WITHOUT WANT. I leave you with one question, Are people your passion? If not, you may want to rethink about what you are doing.
IF you are serious about becoming a leader, learn leadership skills, get and give value and most importantly give yourself wholeheartedly, not some opportunity or product.

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