New Year's Resolution Fact or Fiction

How many of us have made wonderful New Year’s Resolutions and then after about 2 to 3 months we give up. Why? “ Oh, it is either too time consuming, or it is not working,” and my favorite is, “my family requires more of my time. I have never been able to figure out where those extra hours are suppose to be. For me, resoluations are like contracts, make sure you check out the “Polices & Procdures” very throughly. Is your health being covered correctly? How is your work attitude? For that matter how is the pay? If it isn’t one thing, it is another. We are constanly bombarded with so called “this will fix it, or this will make your day be so much better.” What happened to common sense? How can we succeed? By sharing or following our New Year’s Resloutions? If you need to put it on paper in order to stay on top of your dreams, then do so. They can be taylored to our capabilities, our strengths or they can show us the next level by just seeing where we are. Those who do not know their past are bound to hit replay. Acccount ability is very easy to over look when things are rolling along, but when the road hits a bump or two what are you suppose do? Quit? No! Go back to your New Year’s Resolutions. Adapt your dreams to keep moving forward. Remember that this is a long distance road trip, not a couple of laps around the track .

Excerpts from Roxanne Nero

Therese Catanzano

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