THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (LOA) IS A VERY BASIC PRINICIPLE USED WITH ATTRACTION MARKETING. Let me give you a basic understanding of LOA and how it is intertwined with Attraction Marketing.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. Let me make it simple to understand by who and what we are. Everyone has a body, your body is made up of organs, Organs are made up of tissues. Tissues are made of of cells. Cells are made of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms are made of even smaller "components" aka "units of matter" called electrons, protons, and neutrons. These smaller components are made of energy. Summing up we are made of energy.

As I stated before everything in the universe is composed of energy. So as this energy is emitting its frequency (vibrations), there are other energies that are on the same frequency(vibrations) and they tend to draw towards one another.

You will attract to what YOU are "like," in other words. If you're happy, you'll attract happy people. And if you're passive you'll attract passive. etc....

If you feel broke, you'll attract more of being "broke," because it's your energy. And if you feel prosperous, you will attract situations to help you to be prosperous.

Have you ever been on a call or talk with someone and you feel ackward or uncomfortable. It is because you are not on the same frequency. A marketing example, have you ever felt nervous, ackward talking to your upline or an expert, because you are an amateur. This is because you are not on the same frequencey.

Attraction Marketing has the same concept. Whatever interest, content, value, character, and quality, you display is what will be is attracted to you. If you want to draw high quality friendships, prospects, customers, etc. then produce a high quality, value, and uniqueness. Produce a quality YOU.

Refine your skills so you can establish yourself as being unique to those around you and this will set you apart from the rest. Your credibility will increase. I found a AWESOME video that explains the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Somebody sent it to me and I wanted to share it with my collegues.

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